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About Magnified Health Systems

What Makes Us Different

We developed key purposes and core values that we expect each and every one of our staff to adopt: from the CEO to our entry-level team members. We strive to incorporate these beliefs and values into our everyday practice, and we know it’s important that you are clear on what you can expect when working with our team.


Our Goal

To Heal 1,000,000 Lives By 2026


Our Core Purpose

Healing Lives

We strive to heal all who are in the path of the disease. Addiction diseases affect more than just one individual- they affect their loved ones and their communities, and the damage can spread even further. Treating the individual is just the beginning: our work starts there and then goes much deeper.

Authenticity: We believe in honest, direct communication with each other and with our patients. We trust each other to do what we say we will do.

Passionate connection and commitment to each other and those we serve.

The quality of being modest, unpretentious, and humble, is the key to our collaboration and success as a team. We take the initiative to solve problems and bring solutions- we trust each other to honor our commitments. When we see something that needs to be done, we believe it is better to take action instead of waiting for approval to take action.

Excellence in everything we do: going above and beyond for each other and our patients.

We are always striving to grow as individuals and as a company through education, training, and coaching.


One Year of Help

We promise our team will work to find the best possible healing solutions for you-  even if it’s not with us, for up to one year after admission to a Magnified Health Systems facility. We want you to succeed!

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A Full Continuum of Care

Our levels of care are designed to meet the needs of every individual across the country. We offer everything one will need to recover from their substance abuse disorder or to navigate a mental health diagnosis. We cover everything from detox to outpatient therapies. We also offer specialties like medication management, CBT therapy, and 12 step programs.

About Our Team

Our team is hyper-focused on recovery and those in recovery. They are committed to providing clinical excellence for the most successful treatment available. Many of our staff are in recovery themselves, offering camaraderie in the struggles of rehabilitation.

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Our Commitment To Education And Public Information

Information on this website is vetted for authenticity and accuracy. We look at studies and authoritative works to provide you with information that is easy to understand and truthful. This also means that we maintain a commitment to the education of our staff at all times. When new information is learned, we will update our site appropriately.

You are not alone

We believe in your ability to make a change and all of us at Magnified Health Systems are here to help you create your best life. We have multiple locations and make it easy to get started- just contact us today.
Magnified Health Systems