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Coping Skills for Anyone with Anxiety

When we feel threatened, anxiety is a common and helpful emotion because it alerts us to the threat and prepares our bodies to deal with it. A car is coming at you too quickly, therefore running to cross the street will save your life!

However, issues develop when the threat is imagined rather than a genuine physical threat, and when our thoughts and actions feed our worry rather than assisting it in dissipating. Some people always experience low levels of anxiety, which is draining.

Anxiety affects our thoughts, physical responses, and behaviors. It does not imply that you are “mad,” as it is merely a psychological issue that is not fatal or indicative of a psychiatric disorder. You can learn to cope with anxiety with just a few skills that anyone can learn.

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What Does Anxiety Look Like

  • Fretting a lot 
  • Decline in confidence
  • Self-consciousness Inability to unwind 
  • Constant dread 
  • Irritability towards other people
  • Loss of focus or attention forgetfulness
  • Fear of judgment or rejection nightmares
  • Fear of being around people fear of being by myself
  • Sleeplessness decline in sex desire
  • Avoiding circumstances that make you anxious always tense and irritable
  • Apprehensive about today
  • Restlessness
  • Having jittery, lightheaded, shaky legs, or tingling in your hands and feet
  • Hyperventilating or experiencing breathlessness
  • Heart flutters (a noticeably strong, fast heartbeat)
  • Nausea (feeling sick)
  • Using the restroom more or less frequently
  • Sweating issues with sleep
  • Panic disorders


Tap It Out

According to recent studies, tapping can help with phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, melancholy, anxiety, and food cravings. Even more intriguing is how tapping impacts the biochemistry of the body, including blood pressure and immunity. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced by 43% in just one hour of tapping. Here are some ways you can use tapping to control your stress levels.

Example 1: On a scale of zero to ten, where ten is the most stressed you are, rate your level of stress. Since this is a technique for you to rate your feelings, you can predict this number. By identifying your level of stress, you can use tapping and check in later to see where your level of stress is.

Example 2: To engage with and pay attention to how you feel, we encourage people to express their feelings aloud. Typically, you would say: “Even though _____ is causing me a lot of stress right now, I accept that this is how I feel.” It’s crucial to be clear about the reasons for your tension and keep them in mind as you tap. Tap on the spot at the side of the hand while you say this out loud, as seen below. Speaking your issue out loud won’t make it worse since you’re genuinely being honest with yourself right now and expressing how you’re feeling.

Example 3: Press any acupuncture points on your hand and count to 10 or 20 while being conscious of your breathing.

dance the stress away

Get Your Groove On

Dance is a powerful kind of exercise that works your muscles and increases heart rate. By releasing specific brain chemicals during exercise, anxiety symptoms can be minimized. It also offers a means of escaping persistently unfavorable thoughts and problems. You don’t have to be a super professional dancer, but you can learn new dances whenever you can. Dance everywhere when you feel anxious- crank up the music and just be in the moment. This is also helpful for people who suffer low mood swings and PTSD symptoms, it redirects the thoughts successfully.

Journal Your Thoughts Away

Making it a routine to record your thoughts and feelings in a journal every day might be beneficial. For some people, simply writing their thoughts down can be comforting. However, it can also assist you in keeping note of when, how, and what kinds of situations cause your anxiety. The more you write it down, the more it can release your feelings and make you feel less stressed. You may also find that you will stop stressing over the same things and truly start to heal.

Hit The Trails

Nature has a way of healing us in ways modern medicine cannot because it reaches into the depths of our souls. Doing things like hiking, biking, roller skating can be great stress relievers. There is mounting research that suggests being among nature may be good for one’s mental health. Stress levels have been linked to proximity to green space.

Breathing And Meditation As A Family

Deep relaxation and mental calmness are two effects of holistic meditation. You concentrate during meditation and get rid of the constant stream of disorganized ideas that could be stressing you out. The approach may lead to improved mental and emotional health. Doing breathing exercises, meditating, and yoga as a family can have a net effect on the overall well-being.


Give Yourself Some Space

It’s okay not to be okay. Therefore, you have to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. In the conscious process of going through it, you get to observe yourself- learning the thoughts that have set you up for the spiral. Learning the balance between feeling your emotions and drowning in them is trial and error. With the help of a therapist, you can learn what your red and green flags are. Red flags are unhealthy habits and green flags are your healthy ones.

How We Can Help You

Though anxiety seems to be an insurmountable mountain, there is hope. We accompany the patient throughout their treatment at Magnified. In order to effectively manage the patient’s treatment, we work to gain a deeper understanding of the individual. Your mental wellness is our main concern at Magnified Health Systems. Let’s speak if you’ve tried different anxiety treatments without success. Contact us to find out more about therapy

Can Ketamine Therapy Help My Depression?

There is an excellent response to ketamine therapy for depression and other mental health issues. It is particularly useful for those with treatment resistant depression! When you come in, we will go over a treatment plan that is personalized for your needs. We can let you know then if you are a good candidate for ketamine therapy.

I Am Struggling With My Mental Health And Substance Use, Can You Help?

Of course! It's very common for someone with a mental health issue to abuse substances. Likewise, someone abusing substances are more likely to develop a mental health problem. Our team understands dual-diagnosis well and are equipped to help you overcome your struggles.

What Are The Treatment Options?

We offer three treatment options that are designed to help everyone at the level they need. These include:  

Questions About Treatment?

Get confidential help 24/7. Call now for:

  • Access to our licensed treatment centers
  • Information on treatment plans
  • Financial assistance options

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Medical Advice Disclaimer

Magnified Health Systems aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with substance use or mental health disorder with fact-based content about the nature of behavioral health conditions, treatment options and their related outcomes. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.

This content is verified and moderated by Dr. Brendan Bickley

This content is verified and moderated by Dr. Brendan Bickley

Dr. Bickley graduated from U.C. Irvine with honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key International Honor Society, Cum Laude. He has been featured on national radio and print media. He is also a frequent lecturer at National Conferences. He holds an A.S. degree in Drug & Alcohol Studies, and two B.A. degrees in Criminology & Psychology, and masters and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. He is a licensed California Drug & Alcohol Counselor Level II, a licensed Clinical Supervisor and is certified in treating Eating Disorders.

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