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Encino, CA Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Rehab

Recovery for the mind, body, and spirit in beautiful Encino, California.


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Substance Abuse Rehab & Mental Health Treatment Services Encino California

Dealing with substance abuse, whether it’s alcohol or drugs, is not something one can do on their own. Our treatment options are there every step of the way. Our addiction treatment continuum starts in Detox & rehab in West Hollywood Or Mariposa, Los Angeles where you can step down to intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment with sober living at Phase Three Addiction Treatment Center in Encino California. We ensure the mind, body & spirit are strong and ready to take on the world and its challenges without falling back into old patterns.

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Program Details

Outpatient programs and partial hospitalization are important levels of care after detox and residential care has been utilized. Program options follow up-to-date industry standards and are successful for many patients. These options include:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Guided Meditations
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Treatment Planning
  • Flexible Lengths of Stay
  • Levels of Care
  • Staff Onsite 24/7
  • What is a Typical Day in Residential Treatment
  • MAT Program
  • Expertise In Mental Health And Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We serve everyone who is 18 years or older. If you are ready to get help with addiction or substance abuse, we are here for you. We also have specialties in Mental Health Treatment and dual diagnosis if you are struggling with mental health and substance use disorder. Here are some of our specialties in addiction treatment:


We have specialties in mental health and often treat patients with the following conditions:

  • OCD
  • PTSD

Our team is hyper-focused on recovery and those in recovery. They are committed to providing clinical excellence for the most successful treatment available. Many of our staff are in recovery themselves, offering camaraderie in the struggles of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.



We strive to heal all who are in the path of the disease. Addiction diseases affect more than just one individual- they affect their loved ones and their communities, and the damage can spread even further. Treating the individual is just the beginning: our work starts there and then goes much deeper.


Authenticity: We believe in honest, direct communication with each other and with our patients. We trust each other to do what we say we will do.


Passionate connection and commitment to each other and those we serve.


The quality of being modest, unpretentious, and humble, is the key to our collaboration and success as a team. We take the initiative to solve problems and bring solutions- we trust each other to honor our commitments. When we see something that needs to be done, we believe it is better to take action instead of waiting for approval to take action.


Excellence in everything we do: going above and beyond for each other and our patients.


We are always striving to grow as individuals and as a company through education, training, and coaching.

Our Outpatient Program in Encino California offers intensive outpatient therapy as well as outpatient treatment and we partner with different sober living facilities to make sure you are able to get help and also continue moving forward with your life. Here are some of the program details:

  • 3-to-1 client to staff ratio – you will never feel like people are unavailable
  • Unique mix of traditional, holistic, advanced, and modern therapies
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Professionally-supervised group and individual therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
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About Us

About Phase Three Addiction Treatment Center Outpatient Program in Encino, California

Phase Three Addiction Treatment Center understands this journey and the best tools needed to prepare those on this path.

Outpatient programs are utilized as a transitory level of care after a residential treatment program to help people gradually return to their normal lives. Outpatient treatment can be extremely beneficial as part of a full continuum of addiction treatment and mental healthcare.

Magnified Health Systems offers world-class intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse and related mental health conditions at our locations across the country.

Phase Three Addiction Treatment Center (ATC)


15720 Aventura Blvd Ste. PH, Encino, CA 91436


We utilize proven treatment methods combined with customization for each individual client within a private setting. Our goal and desire is for each client to recover and experience a rich, satisfying life.

One Year of Help

We promise our team will work to find the best possible healing solutions for you-  even if it’s not with us, for up to one year after admission to a Magnified Health Systems facility. We want you to succeed!

Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of folks in recovery and passionate about helping you break free from addiction. Each one is committed to providing outstanding clinical care so that everyone can be successful. With their own experiences with mental health and substance abuse disorders, they are able to connect with those struggling through treatment in a way that no one else can. If you are looking for a drug & alcohol rehab, detox or treatment program in Encino California, our team is here for you.

Picture of Sani Patel, LMFT

Sani Patel, LMFT

Primary Therapist

We Are Here To Support Everyone

Whether you are recovering from a substance use disorder or a behavioral health disorder, we can help you. We also offer support to support to the families of those struggling to recover, as well as team members or other individuals that are affected by the addiction.


It’s time to make the best decisions for your care. We will work closely with you to determine the best course of action.

A Loved One

Caring for someone recovering from a mental health disorder or substance use problem is not easy. Let us support your efforts with information that can be helpful.


Meeting the health needs of someone with mental illness or substance abuse disorder is a challenge that we can assist with.

The Difference

Magnified Addiction Treatment Difference

Our licensed therapists, doctors, counselors, and other professionals are trained to think “Outside-the-Box” when it comes to clinical care. We go above and beyond to create clinical programming that is unique, more effective, and more engaging. We find that applying scientific, evidence based treatment, using a creative approach, helps us to truly individualize care, make treatment more engaging, and by default, longer lasting.

All of our staff are trained in using rapport-building and engaging approaches through our unique Magnified Health Clinical Training Program. At all hours of the day and night, a staff member is there for anyone and everyone. We have a higher than normal staff-to-patient ratio and we believe this is vital to patient care.

We pride ourselves on using the most scientifically effective clinical and medical treatment available for treating substance use disorders and other mental health disorders. We believe in the diagnostic medicine approach to all behavioral and mental health disorders. Simply put, if a person has received the wrong diagnosis previously and was treated according to the faulty diagnosis, then the treatment will not work. We take the time to truly discover the underlying cause of a patient’s biological, psychological, and social issues so we can better treat the individual.

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If You Are Looking For Help Near Encino CA, We Are
Here For You.

The staff at Phase Three Addiction Treatment Center, we have a unique mix of medical staff, recovery coaches, and mental health professionals. Drug and alcohol addiction comes in many forms which is why we don’t take a one size fits all approach to drug and alcohol recovery. Our program focuses on blocking out any stressors and instead concentrates on healing. Don’t wait for help, we are here for you.

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One Year of Help

We promise our team will work to find the best possible healing solutions for you-  even if it’s not with us, for up to one year after admission to a Magnified Health Systems facility. We want you to succeed!

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