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Updated in 2022


The following terms and conditions apply to the Magnified Health Systems website located at and all affiliate sites and subsidiaries linked to, owned by Magnified Health Systems. By accessing the contents herein, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of use. If you do not consent to the terms of use, please refrain from using this site altogether.

Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions listed hereafter are applicable to every material, online communication, and collective data displayed on our website. We encourage you to go through our conditions of use carefully. Proceeding to view the contents of our website will be interpreted as an irrefutable acknowledgment and acceptance of all provisions contained herein.           

All provisions listed hereafter are legally binding. If you do not agree with any of the listed stipulations, we oblige you to exit the website immediately. Our institution reserves the right to restrict or terminate your access to the website if we have reason to believe you violate our terms of use. 

Note that we may revise these terms and conditions whenever we deem fit, and you are bound by the revision. As such, we advise that you check this page periodically for any such revisions.

Service Availability and Limitation of Liability

At Magnified Health Systems, we will do everything in our power to ensure that this website and all the content herein are available at all times for your use. However, we shall not be liable for any interruptions or service downtimes that may occur. We also reserve the right to modify, suspend, withdraw, or restrict the availability of the service in part or in full for any period we deem fit.


By accessing our site, you expressly give credence to the fact that you do so at your own risk. All materials made available are provided on an ‘as is basis and are to be considered as such. Implied or express warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or title are disclaimed by our company, Magnified Health systems, to the fullest extent of the United States Law.

Our online operatives work round the clock to ensure a seamless online experience for our users. However, there is no guarantee that our website’s server will remain uninterrupted at all intervals. We will bear no liabilities if your device is attacked by a disabling device such as any software, message, file, or material that contains a trojan horse, virus, worm, or any other malware. Any and all materials downloaded by you through any of our web pages are done at your discretion, and as such, you are solely responsible for data loss thereafter.

Limitations on Authority

Magnified Health Systems carries out occasional revisions on our website to provide all our users with relevant, up-to-date, and accurate information. However, we understand and also want you to know that omissions remain a possibility.

By accessing our website, you consent that under no circumstance will our company, employees, directors, affiliates, partners, licensors, and agents be made liable for any damage whatsoever that may arise, whether incidental, consequential, directly, indirectly or punitive due to the use of any material acquired from our website.

In the event of a malfunction, data loss, harm to your devices, or any form of damage while viewing or utilizing the contents of our website, yourself in particular and not our company or any of its partners, employees, or affiliates will assume the cost of damages or repairs.

Links and Notices

Magnified Health Systems may, from time to time, share links to the content of other websites for any reason. However, we are not liable for the availability of the content, opinions expressed, the accuracy of the content, products, services, and malfunctions of the website. We share these links only for your convenience and to provide resources, but we shall not be held liable for any malfunction or data loss that you may experience on the linked website. Our provision of these links does not endorse the website or the information therein.

All notices shall be given to Magnified Health Systems via our email: [email protected] or by post to our head office at 1530 N Federal Hwy Lake Worth, FL 33460.

Legal Jurisdictions Only

This website and the content herein only apply to persons within the jurisdiction (states, countries) as stated by Magnified Health Systems. We shall not be held liable for persons who access this website from any location different from where we serve. As such, they do that at their own initiative and may be subject to local laws.

Some of our services will not be available in certain jurisdictions for personal or legal reasons, and we will not make any offers where it is unlawful to do so.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use

As a stipulation for accessing the Magnified Health Systems website, you must not utilize any information obtained from the site for unlawful purposes. In addition, you may not use the Magnified Health systems web page in any way that would impair its availability to other users or cause them any inconvenience.

A core condition to accessing our website is that you must not attempt to acquire any form of data or material intentionally withheld by our administrators through underhanded means.


All information concerning yourself provided by you or acquired by our institution when you visit our website will be handled in accordance with our company’s privacy policy.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All materials (images, videos, written content) belong to Magnified Health Systems and are protected by the United States government and international copyright laws. We agree to downloads and personal use of the content we provide herein but do not permit any person or organization to reprint or republish the content of this website through any means.

We are not liable for any content shared by a third party; these terms and conditions do not cover the third party, and persons using the content of a third-party link shared on this website will be bound by their terms and conditions. However, we request that persons who may want to republish or share the content on this website for any purpose must seek permission from the authorities at Magnified Health Systems.

Our Policy On Copyright Infringement 

As per the requirements put in place by the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act, section 512(c)(2) to be precise. Our organization has the authority to investigate any form of copyright infringement brought to our notice and take the necessary remedial action. Any of our users who believe that the materials offered on our web page infringe on their work will have to provide written notifications which must contain foolproof evidence of infringement to our website management. The written notification must also include all the following elements as mandated by US infringement laws:

  • Visible and identifiable evidence of the work deemed to have been in violation of copyright laws. The title and date must also be specified.
  • All content believed to have been infringed against, which you intend to be blotted out from the site, must be identified clearly, all of which will be thoroughly reviewed by our legal representatives.
  • The complainant must provide sufficient information for us to be able to contact them to discuss the issue further. A telephone number, a current address, as well as an email address should suffice.
  • We require a well-crafted and legally binding statement of the complainant’s surety that their content was replicated by our institution, as well as authorized proof that they are indeed the copyright owners of the content believed to have been infringed upon.
  • For the written notification to be given full consideration, complainants are necessitated to attach a statement that will specify the accuracy of their claims and that it is entirely void of perjury, as well as their willingness to accept the legal penalty if their claims are proven insubstantial, or they are found not to be the authorized copyright owners.

Access Termination

You agree that Magnified Health Systems reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or modify your use of this website and its content for reasons relating to misuse, copyright infringement, terms and conditions violations, or any other reason deemed unfit to the company. We shall not be liable to you or any person whose access to the website has been terminated or restricted. This notice of terms and conditions will outlive any such terminations or restrictions.


You agree that you will defend Magnified Health Systems and hold the company, employees, affiliates, and partners harmless from all claims, losses, damages, fees, expenses, and liabilities resulting from your violations of our terms and conditions, your violation of the rights of any employee, partner, or affiliate or anyone using this site for any purpose, any malware disabling device input into this website by you, and any information given to this website by you or anyone with access to your devices.

Feedback Policy

We consider each user’s feedback to be of utmost value and are always willing to accept suggestions as to how further to improve our services and our users’ web experience. All materials, information, suggestions, and feedback received by our company are handled per our privacy policy. Under no circumstance will we divulge any of such information to any third party without explicit permission.

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