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West Hollywood, CA Addiction Treatment Center

Experts in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in West Hollywood, California

Drug And Alcohol Treatment & Rehab In West Hollywood

Dealing with substance abuse, whether it’s alcohol or drugs, is not something one can do on their own. Our team will be there every step of the way to help find the right treatment options for you. From safely medically detoxing in West Hollywood to inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment to sober living, you won’t be left to your own devices. Mariposa Detox Center provides life-changing and high-quality treatment for those individuals struggling with addiction. We’re located in beautiful Hollywood, California. We strive to provide the best quality of care possible by making sure each patient who walks through our doors is treated with respect and dignity. We feel it’s important to assess each individual on a personal level to determine the best course of action for that individual, so we come up with individualized treatment plans consisting of medical detox protocols, therapy sessions, and group therapy sessions.

Our Mission

At West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, our primary goal is to help you start your journey toward clean living by surrounding you with professional support in a comfortable, supportive and safe environment. Here, you can let the stress of your life at home fall away as you begin to learn the basic tenants of sobriety. With our detox services, residential care facility and professional counselors, you will have everything you need to feel confident about your ability to heal from addiction.

Our treatment program was built from the ground up with the sole purpose of helping each person that enters our facility to finally achieve their goal of sobriety. Each member of our team has been hand-picked for their education, experience and proven track record of helping people recover from addiction. In fact, some of our staff members have even been touched by addiction in their personal lives, and they understand what it feels like to crave recovery and the chance to finally live up to your full potential.

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About West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center

Walking into West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center feels like you are stepping into a luxurious oasis that brings to life everything good about California living. Yet, we have also built our program to provide you with a full range of support services that make it possible to leave here with a new mindset that promotes long-term sober living and an overall healthier lifestyle. When you choose to join our community, you receive these types of support and more.

Here at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, we believe we can help you become the person you were meant to be.  Recovery from addiction is possible, and we just want to help you get started on journey.

Our philosophy at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center is that every person should be treated with dignity and respect, and we will work with you on an individual basis to make sure that your every need is met while you are here in our community. When you want experienced and professional support, reach out to our counselors today. Detox is the first step.

  • We offer a small, intimate setting, where the clients are the focus.
  • We believe there are many paths to sobriety so we offer individualized multi-modality therapeutic programs.
  • We provide the tools needed to recover, gain quality of live, and freedom from addiction.
  • We are centrally located in California just minutes from meetings, jobs, schools, and the beach.
  • We offer individual, group, and family therapy sessions using a variety of modern techniques as well as evidence-based treatment methods.

We have been there. Many of our staff are recovering addicts, and the rest have been personally affected by addiction so we know how important it is to be comfortable. Here are some of our amenities:

  • Assistance through the detox process
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Safe and private rooms
  • Nutritional counseling and gourmet dining
  • Access to a private pool
  • Professionally-supervised group and individual therapy

West Hollywood ATC


One Year of Help

We promise our team will work to find the best possible healing solutions for you-  even if it’s not with us, for up to one year after admission to a Magnified Health Systems facility. We want you to succeed!

Meet Our Team

With over 20 years of experience in providing addiction recovery services, you can enter our program with full trust that the people you meet here are some of the best that can be found in the industry. Our philosophy at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center is that every person should be treated with dignity and respect, and we will work with you on an individual basis to make sure that your every need is met while you are here in our community. Our team is composed of folks in recovery and passionate about helping people overcome their diagnoses. Each one is committed to providing outstanding clinical care so that everyone can be successful. With their own experiences with mental health and substance abuse disorders, they are able to connect with those struggling through treatment in a way that no one else can.

We Are Here To Support Everyone

Whether you are recovering from a substance use disorder or a behavioral health disorder, we can help you. We also offer support to support to the families of those struggling to recover, as well as team members or other individuals that are affected by the addiction.


It’s time to make the best decisions for your care. We will work closely with you to determine the best course of action.

A Loved One

Caring for someone recovering from a mental health disorder or substance use problem is not easy. Let us support your efforts with information that can be helpful.


Meeting the health needs of someone with mental illness or substance abuse disorder is a challenge that we can assist with.

Magnified Addiction Treatment Difference

Our “Outside the Box” Clinical Approach

Our licensed therapists, doctors, counselors, and other professionals are trained to think “Outside-the-Box” when it comes to clinical care. We go above and beyond to create clinical programming that is unique, more effective, and more engaging. We find that applying scientific, evidence based treatment, using a creative approach, helps us to truly individualize care, make treatment more engaging, and by default, longer lasting.

A 24/7 Mentoring Approach

All of our staff are trained in using rapport-building and engaging approaches through our unique Magnified Health Clinical Training Program. At all hours of the day and night, a staff member is there for anyone and everyone. We have a higher than normal staff-to-patient ratio and we believe this is vital to patient care.

The Magnified Medical and Clinical Approach

We pride ourselves on using the most scientifically effective clinical and medical treatment available for treating substance use disorders and other mental health disorders. We believe in the diagnostic medicine approach to all behavioral and mental health disorders. Simply put, if a person has received the wrong diagnosis previously and was treated according to the faulty diagnosis, then the treatment will not work. We take the time to truly discover the underlying cause of a patient’s biological, psychological, and social issues so we can better treat the individual.

Frequently Asked Questions: West Hollywood

What Levels Of Care Do You provide?

Our West Hollywood California Location offers the following Programs
  • Alcohol Detox Program
  • Heroin Detox Program
  • Cocaine/Crack Cocaine Detox Program
  • Prescription Pill Detox Program
  • Suboxone Detox Program
  • Methamphetamine/Amphetamine Detox Program
  • Fentanyl Detox program
We are also able to help you if you have a co-occurring disorder or complex mental health diagnosis along with residential Treatment and Rehab for Drugs and alcohol as well as substance use disorder.

Why is residential rehab Important?

A residential program is a form of long-term treatment that is designed to give you a foundation to build upon in the future as well as a safe place to recover from addiction. The staff at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center are a mix of medical professionals, peer mentors, and mental health professionals. Far too often, addiction is the result of homelessness, abuse, and other forms of extreme stress, and a residential program is a way to block out all those stressors and focus on your own healing. It’s not uncommon for a person to need a residential program more than once in their lives. Remember, whether this is your first time in a program or not, that this is not a reflection on you or a failure on your part. It shows just how powerful the disease of addiction can be.

What insurances do you accept?

We work with most commercial insurance companies. Some of the main ones include Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield Of California, Magellan and United Healthcare. If you have questions about insurance, you can call us or fill out or insurance verification form to get an instant response. Insurance companies accepted for Residential Addiction Treatment

How do you help with relapse prevention?

  • West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center created a Recovery and Wellness Program to help address concerns that come with the transition between Detox, inpatient treatment, and starting the next phase in the recovery process
  • Aftercare is one of our highest priorities. We have multiple options for outpatient addiction treatment. for Patients in our outpatient programs offer a stable transition with an information transfer so there is no drop-off or mishaps when continuing outpatient.
  • We believe that taking this approach will lead to increased long-term sobriety rates and will allow us to monitor its impact on our patients and their road to recovery.
Some of the specialty programs we introduce during rehab:
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step program that aids those affected by alcohol addiction.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: Narcotics Anonymous is also a 12-step program that aims to help those who are addicted.
  • SMART Recovery: SMART Recovery is a self-help program that aids addiction recovery.
  • Partial Hospitalization: Partial Hospitalization is less intensive than inpatient rehab but still has therapy every day. This level of care provides a very structured and supportive day treatment model where individuals also have the ability to leave and experience life. It’s an important step to take during the transition back to regular life. is a type of treatment that focuses on substance abuse.
  • CBT Therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy is talk therapy with a professional that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse and changing thought patterns and harmful behavior.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy is a setting where every individual can speak in a safe place with other people going through the same thing.
  • Private Counseling Therapy Sessions: 1 on 1 therapy is important. This provides a safe place to address thought patterns and re-align with a new way of life.
  • Outpatient Treatment: Out-of-hospital treatment is less intensive than in-patient treatment for people suffering from an addiction.
  • Sober Living: Sober living programs provide a secure and caring environment for people recovering from addiction.
  • Alumni Programs: Alumni programs assist people in remaining connected to the resources and assistance needed to stay clean.

Why Is West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center different from other treatment programs?

  • State-of-the-art athletic complex and boxing gym.
  • Personal training with professional athletes and coaches.
  • Large campus with pool and other amenities.
  • Strict COVID testing and safety protocols.

What happens after I leave residential detox and rehab?

Addiction is an ongoing disease. That’s why after you leave, we will provide you with references, referrals, and connections to therapists, support groups, and other resources. A residential program is a deeply valuable and rewarding experience, but for a healthy recovery, you should maintain your progress by following up with outpatient treatment. That might be just therapy or meetings, or it may include a medical component depending on your substance and circumstances. Social workers in the program can help you with housing assistance and other supportive steps as well. To simply walk out the door of the facility is to risk walking back into the same stressors and influences that encouraged your substance use in the first place. On the other hand, the right follow-up care can support your recovery journey and give you the tools you need to build the life that you want.

What is the History of Drug Abuse in West Hollywood?

California has one of the longest histories of any state in the fight against drug abuse. Regarding prohibiting opium in West Hollywood, California's first law was enacted in 1872. According to this ruling, it is now illegal to "administer laudanum, an opium preparation, or any other narcotic to any individual with the aim thus to enable the commission of a criminal." The sale or use of opium within a business was a misdemeanour in California in 1881. Opium users had little motivation to give up their habit because this legislation solely targeted opium dens, not private individuals who used the drug in their homes. In 1881, California was the first state to create an agency whose only responsibility was the enforcement of drug prohibitions. However, as policymakers realized that prevention alone wasn't enough to curb addiction, California was one of the first states to begin providing treatment for addicts. Unfortunately, opium was merely the beginning of California's problems. In 1966, California approved the Grunsky Bill in response to increased negative LSD experiences. It made it illegal to own, sell, produce, or import LSD or dimethyltryptamine (DMT) within the state. Still, it had no impact, and the following year saw the emergence of the counterculture movement known as the Summer of Love. Over one hundred thousand individuals from all over the country came to Haight-Ashbury (in San Francisco) to participate in the Summer of Love. They converged here to experience oneness, freedom of thought, tranquility, and LSD. Contrary to popular belief, California was one of the first states to outlaw marijuana. In 1913, California became the first state to criminalize marijuana by adding the term "locoweed" to the state's Poison Act; it took another 99 years for the Golden State to legalize medical marijuana. Eighty-five percent of drug addiction patients in California will never get the help they need, even though drug abuse is the leading cause of early death in the state.


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If you are looking for help near West Hollywood, CA, we are here for you.

The staff at West Hollywood ATC are a unique mix of medical staff, recovery coaches, and mental health professionals. Drug and alcohol addiction comes in many forms which is why we don’t take a one size fits all approach to drug and alcohol recovery. Our program focuses on blocking out any stressors and instead concentrates on healing. Don’t wait for help, we are here for you.
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