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Verify Insurance Coverage

When it comes to getting help for addiction, some individuals may be limited by cost. Paying for treatment shouldn’t be your first concern as your prepare to change your life. Getting treatment for substance use disorders or mental health disorders usually requires round the clock care, similar to that of an emergency room. As a result, insurance companies may not want to cover the full cost of treatment, but, some treatment centers are able to accept insurance benefits that cover the cost of treatment. It’s easy to find out if your insurance will cover treatment and how much will be your responsibility based on your specific plan. We are able to check on your behalf to help make the process as easy and simple as possible so you know if your treatment will be covered.

Check If Your Insurance Benefits Will Cover Rehab

Fill out the insurance verification form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We are able to verify benefits within 24 hours and many times will be able to have an answer for you almost immediately.

Insurance Verification

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The information you provide will be used solely to confirm your request. Submitting this information means that our insurance verification team will verify the insurance is active. We will not contact your insurance company on your behalf without your consent. This is not a legal agreement to obtain services fro Magnified Health Systems. We do not spam or sell your data, ever.

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Insurance Verification Explained

When we verify your insurance benefits, we speak with a representative from your insurance company to confirm that your insurance benefits are active and check for any exclusions in your plan. Next, we confirm your plan documentation to see what your deductible and out-of-pocket cost will be. Since treatment duration can vary, it is possible that your out-of-pocket maximum will be met throughout the course of treatment. Even though we check on your behalf, we encourage you to confirm coverage with your insurance carrier to ensure your benefits are understood. 

Keep in mind:  just because you have insurance benefits do not assume that your insurance carrier will approve care. For insurance carriers to pay for inpatient treatment at a residential drug and alcohol rehab they have confirmed that hospitalization is warranted based on your symptoms. If your insurance carrier deems that it may be possible for you to be treated on an outpatient basis while seeing a therapist, then there is a chance your length of stay could be lessened or denied. We do our best to  advocate on your behalf for the appropriate treatment based on clinical recommendations. 

Paying for Addiction Treatment

At Magnified Health Systems Drug and Alcohol Rehab, we believe that everyone deserves the right to access addiction treatment. That is why we do our best to work with your insurance carrier to cover the care that is so desperately needed. Magnified Health Systems is a premier service provider of substance use treatment and we bill at reasonable rates commensurate with our service lines and treatment modalities. Call our Admissions department today so we can help you take the first step toward healing through our drug rehab programs. We’re here to help you reach a new and brighter tomorrow.

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The Process For Drug And Alcohol Rehab Insurance Verification

The important things to understand when verifying your insurance coverage:

  • There is no penalty for requesting an insurance verification. The process is confidential and we speak with your insurance company on your behalf.
  • Just because your insurance company states that they cover substance abuse does not mean that they will actually pay for it. Every insurance company evaluates the medical necessities of addiction treatment to determine whether you qualify for residential rehab based on their guidelines. 
  • The deductible and out-of-pocket maximum on your insurance health benefit is most likely what you will need to cover for residential rehab.
  • Some plans have exclusions like out-of-state treatment. It’s important to check and understand any exclusions specific to your coverage.
Insurance Verification

Recovery Starts Here At Magnified Health Systems

With a full continuum of care spanning across the nation, we do our best to accommodate everyone who calls, even if we aren’t the perfect fit. Picking up the phone is sometimes the hardest step and there may not be another opportunity to seek help. We are your partner on this journey so let us help you get started on the road to recovery and your new life.

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